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About Luwaay

Luwaay was initially founded in 2019 to support Black Owned Business. We believed that Black Owned Business is the future. From handmade goods, apparel, jewelry, to home decor, and many more, we are the industry’s most trusted online global marketplace for Black Products.
Luwaay allows consumers to support the Black community while discovering Black Products and new Black Owned Business. Our site offers a wide selection of custom curated products, all hand-selected for their quality and value, and each one culturally unique and exclusive to us.
The Luwaay Mission
Celebrating black culture and serving the needs of our customers around the world; inspired by the richness of Africa is what Luwaay is about. Luwaay is an independently owned and operated business founded with the key vision of offering our customers more. More selection, more value, and more service every time you visit our site. At Luwaay, we have made it our mission to provide high quality, unique gifts, and accessories from around the world and to always add new products to our already extensive selection of Black & African specialty items.