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World Development, LLC is international human development and technological innovation structure, based in the United States of America (USA), mainly in the state of Iowa.

It is currently run by Americans originally from Congo and Congolese people and proposes to supervise African families who are weakened and disoriented when it comes to integrating into American society.

Our Mission

World Development has planned a program and large-scale actions in families, in the context of health, adult and youth education, and job creation.

This is particularly suited to the current living conditions in the USA, where people need to spend more time working, studying, relaxing with family than cooking. 

We started with “Ngaï-Ngaï la finesse”, a product mainly based on sorrel, a very appreciated vegetable throughout the world, especially by Africans and Asians. This cooked product is packaged in 425-grams jars, storable at room temperature, and can be eaten with or without preheating or other cooking procedures.

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